At first glance one would surmise The Jared Project is a new line of mens' fashion rolling out to the general public. Jared Vincent and Jared Mancuso, sole members of the musical group The Jared Project, have fresh, all-American good looks ready to be packaged and branded. Watching the group perform, it is impossible not to notice their keen sense of style and congenital confidence. Looks, of course, can be deceiving. However, hearing The Jared Project reveals an entirely different set of facets. Upon first listen to the sweet singing folkpop duo, the summation is totally different. The two men suddenly sound keen and impassioned. Even, at times, delicate.

Jared Mancuso and Jared Vincent have been friends for over a decade and have been making music together since the beginning. Calling attention to the fact that they share the same first name creates a sneaky dichotomy that makes the duo's title much more interesting than it initially appears. The two have much in common, but countless difference. They contend that this dynamic has led to them both growing as people, as well as given them the platform to deliver a message of love and acceptance to their fans.